Mirror TV: Unparalleled Quality and Innovation

At MirrorVue, we specialize in Mirror TVs, a unique combination of high-end mirrors and television technology. Our dedication to superior quality positions us as a leader in the mirror TV industry. Our mirror TVs are more than just a television; they're a fusion of technology and decor, made to enhance any room.

Spacious studio with a mirror TV on the upper right side showing a girl doing yoga.

Television Quality: The Mirror TV Edge

Our Mirror TVs aren't just about appearances. At MirrorVue, every mirror TV boasts stunning 4K resolution for sizes 28" and larger. Experience the vibrant, crystal-clear quality of our displays, designed to elevate your content with unparalleled clarity and detail.

Discover the Mirror TV Technology Difference

When you choose MirrorVue, you're choosing a blend of advanced technology and sleek design. Our vanishing Mirror TVs are more than just a television; they're a statement piece that complements any room's aesthetics, offering both functionality and style.

King-size bedroom within a luxurious hotel with a wide, unique mirror TV and a glass window.

Breathtaking Audio Behind the Mirror TV: An Immersive Sound Experience

MirrorVue's mirror TVs are about visual excellence and auditory immersion. Our vanishing mirror TVs come equipped with high-quality, waterproof speakers, ensuring that the audio quality matches the stunning 4K visual experience.

Superior Sound Quality

Our Mirror TVs are equipped with powerful speakers, providing clear and rich sound to match the visual experience. Whether it's a 15.6" or a 100" TV, the built-in waterproof speakers in our Mirror TVs ensure an audio experience that’s as captivating as the display.

Complete Entertainment Experience with Mirror TV

MirrorVue's Mirror TVs offer a full entertainment experience, combining stunning visuals and captivating audio. These vanishing mirror TVs strike a perfect balance between luxury and technology, ideal for any setting.

External speakers of a mirror TV and showing a girl playing the guitar on the screen.

External Speakers:
Ultimate Cinema Experience with Mirror TV

Enhance your Mirror TV experience with MirrorVue's high-quality external speakers. Our recessed speakers, perfect for any environment, including moisture-prone areas like bathrooms, deliver a cinema-like audio experience directly from your Mirror TV.

Moisture Resistant and High-Quality Sound

Designed with moisture resistance in mind, our SW50 & SW80 external speakers are suitable for various environments, including bathrooms and spas. These premium speakers offer excellent audio quality, ensuring that your MirrorVue delivers a complete entertainment experience that rivals any cinema.

Moisture high-quality white circular-shaped speakers. Recessed white circular-shaped audio speakers.
SW 50-6 recessed speaker icon.
SW 80-6 recessed speaker icon.
Moisture high-quality white circular-shaped speakers. Recessed white circular-shaped audio speakers.

Integrated Light Options for Your Mirror TV

Make your MirrorVue unique with our variety of lighting options, perfect for any room. These lights are made just for mirror TVs, adding beauty and practicality to your MirrorVue. With our advanced lighting options, your vanishing mirror TV will not only look better but also work better in your bathroom.

Personalize your MirrorVue with our lighting options. Enhance your mirror TV with various integrated lights, from subtle backlighting to bright LEDs, customize your mirror TV to fit the unique feel of your room.

A mirror TV with an integrated cool light is installed above a single basin.
A mirror TV with an integrated cool light is installed above a single basin. Mirror TV set over a single sink with pendant lamps on the right side. Wooden countertop table with a white single basin and a wall-mounted cool-light mirror TV. A mirror TV with three cool-light strips, installed above the white double sinks. Wooden countertop table with white single basin and trifold cool-lighted, trifold mirror TV. Warm light strips are built into a mirror TV above a lone white washbowl. Warm-light strips are built into a mirror TV mounted above a lone sink. A man singing shows on the screen of a warm-lighted mirror TV above a single sink. A double-sink warm-lighted mirror TV set on a white wall displays a singing man. White pendant lamp beside a sole trifold mirror TV with warm light strips placed above a basin. Philips warm-light mirror TV set on a white wall above a lone sink. Single sink and washbowl above a wooden countertop table with a lighted mirror TV. Philips warm light features on a mirror TV above a white basin with a pendant lamp on the side. Double-sink philips warm-lighted mirror TV displays a man singing on the screen. Trifold mirror TV with a warm light displays a man singing at a concert. A man singing displayed on a mid-warm lighted mirror TV above a lone basin. Philips mid-warm light mirror TV installed above a single white washbowl in a powder room. Mid-warm, lighted mirror TV with a man singing on its screen above a white washbowl. Double sink philips mid-warm lighted mirror TV set on a white wall with a folded towel on the side. A mid-warm, lighted trifold mirror TV shows a man singing, placed above a single washbowl. Mirror TV with cool light strips on either side and a white washbowl under a countertop table. Wall-mounted illuminated mirror TV with a man singing displays on its screen in a washroom. Philips cool-light mirror TV embedded in a wall above a white single basin on a countertop table. Double sink cool-lighted mirror TV is mounted on a white wall with a pendant lamp on the side. A man singing is displayed on a modern, lighted trifold mirror TV mounted above a basin.
Mirror icon with a light on either side.MODEL A
Mirror icon with a light on the top and bottom.MODEL B
Light-framed mirror TV icon.MODEL C
Double mirror TV icon.MODEL D
Trifold mirror TV icon.MODEL E
Cool light icon.
Warm light icon.
True light icon.
Philips warm icon.
Philips mid-warm icon.
Philips cool icon.

Safety 12-24V: Worldwide Compatibility

MirrorVue is powered by a safe 12 or 24-volt system and includes its own universal power supply, making it compatible for use in any region around the world (AC plug varies per region). This ensures that you can easily install and enjoy your MirrorVue in any location while maintaining the utmost safety.

A happy family's reflection on a mirror TV while brushing their teeth.

Connect Any Device: Seamless Integration

MirrorVue offers effortless connectivity, allowing you to connect a wide range of devices with ease. Our mirror TVs are equipped with up-to-date port options, including HDMI, USB, Audio-out, 12V power input, and 24V power input. Upon request, we can also include RS232 for even greater versatility. Connect your favourite devices, such as Apple TV or an Android Box, to enjoy all your favourite shows on your MirrorVue.

Small image of different types of ports.
Different types of ports.

Set Top Box Compatible: Easy Upgrades

With MirrorVue's integrated set top box compartment, you can conveniently store and connect devices like Android TV, Apple TV, or other set top boxes. This feature allows you to easily upgrade your system in the future, ensuring that your MirrorVue remains up-to-date and as good as new.

Ultra HD Android set top box with the different available applications.

Zepp & Aqua Remote:
Enhanced Control and Convenience

Zepp Remote: Superior Accessibility

The Zepp remote offers even greater accessibility, featuring a built-in keyboard for easy navigation and enhanced control. This intuitive remote ensures that you can effortlessly interact with your MirrorVue and access all your favorite content with ease.

Elevate your MirrorVue experience with the perfect blend of luxury, technology, and accessibility, all at your fingertips.

Aqua Remote: Superior Accessibility

Enjoy worry-free control of your Mirror TV, even in the bathroom, with our innovative remote options. The floatable Aqua Remote allows you to operate your MirrorVue while relaxing in your bathtub, without any concerns about water damage.

Android zepp remote control for Mirror TV Front and side view of a white remote control.
Zepp remote icon.
Aqua remote icon.
Android zepp remote control for Mirror TV Front and side view of a white remote control.

Active Ventilation: Optimal Performance for Your Mirror TV

Our Mirror TVs come with an active ventilation system to maintain optimal performance, ensuring your vanishing mirror TV always operates at its best. By effectively managing internal temperatures, our Mirror TVs stay ahead in functionality and reliability, making them a smart choice for anyone seeking a blend of luxury, technology, and enduring performance in their home entertainment setup.

Small ventilation fan.

Built-In Defogger for a Clear Mirror TV View

Upgrade your MirrorVue mirror TV with the option to add a built-in defogger, ensuring that your mirror remains clear and fog-free even after a hot shower. No more wiping the mirror to maintain a clean and clear view. We offer defoggers in various shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs.

A joyful woman's reflection on a mirror TV anti-fog.

Effortless Control of Your Mirror TV

Controlling your MirrorVue Mirror TV has never been more convenient. Choose from a range of control options, including voice control, high-quality touchscreen, and the efficient Zepp remote. These advanced features provide a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing you to enjoy your MirrorVue to the fullest.

A reflection of a guy taking an online order of brown leather shoes. Woman's reflection in a modern mirror TV asking for the nearest restaurant in Google Assistant. Black Zepp remote with its holder.
Touchscreen icon.
Voice control icon.
Zepp remote badge.
A reflection of a guy taking an online order of brown leather shoes. Woman's reflection in a modern mirror TV asking for the nearest restaurant in Google Assistant. Black Zepp remote with its holder.

What's in the Box?

MirrorVue provides you with everything you need for a smooth and seamless setup. When you purchase a MirrorVue, you can expect the following components to be included in the package:

  1. Mirror TV: The elegantly designed vanishing mirror TV, combining style and functionality for an exceptional entertainment experience.

  2. Mounts: The necessary mounts for secure and easy installation, ensuring that your MirrorVue fits perfectly in your desired location.

  3. Remote: A user-friendly remote control for effortless operation and interaction with your MirrorVue.

  4. Power Supply: A universal power supply, compatible with worldwide voltage standards, ensuring your MirrorVue can be used in any location.

  5. Installation Manuals (download only): Detailed installation manuals, providing step-by-step guidance to help you set up your MirrorVue with ease.

Package when you purchase a MirrorVue and arrange it in a wooden flat space.

Mirror Feeds V5.1.3:
Stay Connected and Informed

Mirror Feeds is a free smart application designed specifically for your smart mirror, keeping you updated and informed at all times. With MirrorFeeds, you can effortlessly stay connected to the world around you:

Mirror feeds logo.
  1. Business: Navigate the fast-paced business world with real-time updates and insights

  2. Entertainment: Discover the latest trends and news from the world of entertainment.

  3. Health and Science: Stay informed about the latest breakthroughs and developments in health and science.

  4. Technology: Keep up-to-date with the newest advancements in technology.

  5. Stocks and Currencies: Monitor the financial markets with live updates on stocks and currencies.

  6. Weather: Check local weather conditions and forecasts for your current location.

  7. Customization: Personalize the layout of your feeds to suit your preferences and style.

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Wooden wall with a smart tinted mirror TV displaying updated news and weather on the screen.
Mirror feeds application showing time and weather updates in Washington on a mirror.
Updated mirror feeds applications on a smart mirror TV.
Mirror feeds application showing time and weather updates in Washington on a mirror.
A man's reflection in a lighted mirror fixes his white sleeve buttons.


TV Sizes
VIDEO 15.6" 22" 28" 32" 40" 50" 55" 60" 65" 75" 85" 100"
TV Display LED Backlight OLED LED OLED LED Backlight
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution 720P 1080P 4K, 3840 x 2160
Output Audio Amplified, Audio Non-Amplified
Built-in Audio Amplifier 2 x 10 Watts 2 x 15 Watts
IPX Rating IPX5 IPX4
TV Housing Material Powder Coating Aluminum
TV Housing Thickness 1.3" / 33mm 2" / 50mm
Voltage Input 12 Volts VDC 24 Volts VDC
Inputs 3 x HDMI 2 x HDMI (CEC, ARC and EDID), Power
TV Sizes (in) 13.4" x 7.5" 18.7" x 10.5" 24.5" x 13.5" 27.4" x 15.5" 34.4" x 18.9" 42.9" x 24.1" 47.71" x 26.8" 49.8" x 28.2" 56.2" x 31.6" 65.0" x 36.5" 73.2" x 41.2" 84.9" x 47.8"
TV Sizes (mm) 340 x 191 474 x 266 624 x 343 695 x 393 874 x 481 1092 x 613 1212 x 683 1267 x 718 1428 x 804 1647 x 925 1860 x 1046 2158 x 1214
Min. Mirror Size (in) 19" x 16" 25" x 19" 30" x 23" 34" x 29" 40" x 27" 49" x 32" 53" x 35" 56" x 36" 64" x 41" 71" x 44" 80" x 53" 92" x58"
Min. Mirror Size (mm) 490 x 413 621 x 491 770 x 575 856 x 730 1010 x 670 1232 x 802 1345 x 878 1427 x 910 1626 x 1025 1810 x 1110 2031 x 1337 2328 x 1483